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Divine Femininity Blog Series: #2

Beyoncé depicts the Yoruba deity/goddess Oshun.

Hiya everybody! If you have been a subscriber since the beginning, welcome back! I appreciate your patience. This second blog series was delayed due! If you have joined the family since my last blog, welcome! I am so glad you all are here! :)

Today's blog series will examine the questions and comments I have received following the first Divine Femininity Blog Series: #1.

  1. What are the common traits of a divinely feminine woman?

Compassion, intuition, nurturing, creativity, receptiveness, and sensuality are common traits of a divinely feminine woman.

As stated in previous blog posts, divinity refers to the spiritual side of a woman, while femininity refers to the physical side of a woman.

Below, you will find brief characterizations that further explain each common trait.

  • Compassion (heart-centered kindness): unconditional empathy and understanding

  • Intuition: the feeling of knowing, trusting the Spirit, looking for understanding

  • Nurturing (caring): to live as opposed to just existing and going through the motions

  • Creative: Drawing, writing, painting, designing,

  • Receptiveness: open to receive, accept, or forgive

  • Sensuality: Sensuality embodies enjoying gratification through your senses. It is not to be confused with sexuality or promiscuity; sensuality is all about physical pleasure, whether in the form of self-care, cleanliness, textures, etc.

  • **I'd add wisdom and humility as honorary characteristics. Wisdom & Humility: Using your life experiences to garner better outcomes, interactions, and experiences for yourself and those around you. She is wise in her experiences and recognizes that there is always room for growth.

  1. How do femininity and intimate relationships overlap?

As we have learned in the Divine Femininity Blog Series #1, there is beauty in duality. In personal relationships, we know the role of femininity is complementary to masculinity. They should be nurturing and cultivating when augmenting femininity in our close relationships. While masculinity is about strength, power, and competitiveness. For connections to succeed, there must be an even balance of both energies. When I refer to relationships, it is essential to note that I am talking about our relationships with others and the relationships we cultivate with ourselves. We all possess masculine and feminine qualities, and for things to run smoothly, there must be balance in relationships. If there is too much masculine energy, we get aggression and domination. If there is too much feminine energy, we get disempowerment and stagnation.

If you are a feminine woman, you can foster healthy relationships by being honest, trustworthy, receptive, caring, and responsible. It is important to note that femininity is not weak and, therefore, should never be a part of "weak" social interactions like gossip, rumors, slander, or lying. The divine feminine woman will dissociate herself from drama, gossip, slander, lying, or other emotional, spiritual, or physical chaos. She steps aside to uphold her reputation, image, and emotional well-being.

  1. How do I know if I am feminine?

There are conspicuous physical signs of femininity, including a curvier physique, slender waist, voluminous hips, fuller breasts, softer facial features, etc.

Physical appearance does not solely define how feminine a woman is; a woman shows she is operating in her feminine energy by the traits she possesses and the way she carries herself while navigating her daily life experiences. When a feminine woman is experiencing life's highs and lows, her manner helps her succeed. A feminine woman can navigate life with grace and optimism. She does not succumb to worldly choices that can only degrade and devalue her life, well-being, and reputation. She is not brash, hostile, or harsh to others. She carries herself with grace, class, and dignity.

An easy way to determine if you are feminine is to go down the list of characteristics and evaluate if you embody that characteristic. If you feel comfortable, ask a close friend or family member if you're feminine.

  1. How do I activate/enhance my feminine traits?

As previously stated, feminine characteristics such as being intuitive, creative, empathetic, nurturing, and compassionate are typical signs of a woman operating in her feminine energy. It is important to note that the feminine woman is emergent. This means you still have time to come into being. If you are not a feminine woman naturally, the best ways to enhance or activate your feminine energy are simple, but one must implement these practices consistently.

It is important to note that we live in a very action-based society that requires us to always be on the go, always to be doing or engaging in some form of activity, but the best way to cultivate our Divine Feminine qualities is to rest and recharge; reflect and analyze; relax and take care of ourselves. Some other ways to boost your divine feminine well-being are to reclaim rest, step outside, exercise, embrace your sensuality, journal, write, reflect, practice self-love, and reflect before reacting/responding. Most importantly, engage in activities that bring out your artistic side and allow you to express your inner feelings, thoughts, and desires. Whether painting, writing, dancing, or playing an instrument, capturing your creative side amplifies your feminine nature. My best advice would be to think back to an activity or hobby you enjoyed as a child and return to that.

To activate or enhance your feminine energy, I suggest you research African deities called Orishas. You will find that modern figures or movie character stars have been adaptations of ancient African Orishas. 😉

The most common feminine Orisha is Oshún. She is commonly called the river goddess in the Yoruba religion and is typically associated with water, purity, fertility, and sensuality.

  1. I am a feminine woman, but I cannot seem to attract a masculine man. How do I draw the divine masculine?

The most seamless way for a divinely feminine woman to attract a masculine man is to be your true, authentic self. It is important to note that when you are divinely feminine, you will attract many men simply by your ora and calming disposition. When that time comes, it is up to you to utilize your intuition, reception, and wisdom to determine whether that is the right man for you. This vetting process goes both ways, as a masculine man will also be utilizing his traits to decide if you're the right woman for him.

My goal with this blog series is to provide insight and explanations of what a Divinely Feminine woman is, to help those emerge into their divine feminine energy, and to restore balance to the world and Universe as I believe it has become over-saturated with masculine energy.

Additionally, the most essential qualities of a Divinely Feminine woman are humility. She is not afraid to be human, make mistakes, admit to her wrongdoings, and work towards a better outcome. She is aware of her gentle power and does not see it as a burden but a blessing. I pray this blog was informative, hopeful, and meaningful to your life. I pray it allowed you to reflect on your life journey and your journey of femininity.

Are you divinely feminine? Were you naturally that way, or did you take intentional steps to reach that point? If you are not Divinely Feminine, what steps are you taking to get to that stage of your life?

Remember, you're emergent; you're not stagnant! You have the power and abilities to reach your sacred point of Divine Femininity. You're emerging queen, and soon enough, you will embody the characteristics of a Divinely Feminine woman!

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With divine love, 🩷

Quader'a 'Q'

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