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Divine Femininity Blog Series: #1

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

“The union of feminine and masculine energies within the individual is the basis of all creation.”

-Shakti Gawain

The Beauty of Duality

Before I delve into the essence of divine femininity, it is essential to note that the divine feminine and divine masculine are sacred polarities in creation. When these two complementary attributes come together, they bring balance and harmony to our internal and external worlds. When these two are out of balance, our realities do not proceed in agreement.

The Divine Feminine

The divine feminine is the feminine aspect of divine power that connects and binds the Earth. “Divine” means delightful; spiritually attractive. With this being said, the divine feminine woman is alluring, captivating, and engaging. She leads with grace and understanding. She turns away from the need to be judgemental, hard-core, combative, dominant, or abusive (mentally, physically, verbally) to those she comes into contact with.

A divine feminine woman positively influences those around her, whether they be her friends, boyfriend/husband, family members, students, or fellow community members. She can love, nurture, teach, learn, collaborate, and seduce.

She is emergent; she exists in all realms and comes into reality at appropriate times. She understands the power of her responsibilities, and she takes pride in them. She possesses good judgment and shies away from activities that misrepresent her, upholding her image and persona.


Though she is sensual, she is not sexually promiscuous. She knows that her womb is sacred and desists the desire to use it recklessly.

The Feminine Warrior

She is nurturing, loving, and delightful but can also be vigilant. Protecting her children and those she deems her kin from outside harm. She has heart-centered warrior qualities. Usually sweet and passive, she is not one you want to enter combat against. She will guard and protect those faithful to her with her all. She is one that you want by your side, as a divinely masculine being.

Closing Remarks

In essence, the divinely feminine woman is nurturing, compassionate, and ubiquitous, existing in all aspects of life. She is emergent, so if you have not reached your divineness, you still have time to become her.

Thank You

With immense gratitude, “thank you for reading the first part of my Divine Femininity Blog Series!” My purpose for this blog series is to educate those unaware of this powerful essence and expand its presence in both the physical and spiritual realms.


“Femininity is not a weakness. It is, indeed, a valued characteristic.”

-Quader’a Henry.

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